Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mother Nature is Laughing at Global Warming

Seriously - the last time we had this much snow in Tennessee I was in middle school and we were out of school for 2 weeks! At 7am this morning it was -4 . . . I had flashbacks of being in Minnesota! It was up to 18 after naptime, and Jayson wanted to take the girls out to play in the snow. I will be honest - with no maternity winter coat, coordination that's not the greatest, and being 7 months prego . . . I decided to pass! But I got the girls ready to go out . . .

Getting bundled up (notice Sota patiently waiting wanting to make sure he got to go play in the snow as well)
Ready to start throwing the snow at Daddy!
Throwing snowballs at Daddy

Trying to make snowballs

Of course, Sota had to get in on the action

And then there was this fool . . . I mean, I know 8 inches seems like a lot in Tennessee, but why in the hell do you even own something like this?!?!?! Jayson had to snap a pic at the ridiculousness of it . . . especially after he shoveled the driveway for the 3rd time this week!

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