Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Saturday

We started out Saturday by heading to Home Depot to do a project . . . I am soooooo thankful that it was a relatively simple project since I had to sit on the floor and help 2 girls by myself - and neither one of them wanted to acknowledge the word "wait" in reference to the hammer or the wood glue . . .

Heart bookshelfs to hang in their room were the final product :) And once we got in the car Sam turned around and said "That was some good building Mom" hahahaha

Then we skipped naptime and headed over to our friend's 3rd birthday party! The theme was Candyland . . . so after a few healthy snacks there was plenty of sugar to be had! The girls did a little dress up time, but Samantha didn't want to take her Snow White dress off :)

Watching Miss Liz and learning some dance moves during the dance party! Marlie was playing with Sam's hair and asking her if she understood the dance moves!

The girls started talking about their birthday party and what they wanted - bascially Samantha wants to make sure Ariel is on her cake or cupcakes and Marlie wants to ensure that we buy a bean bag toss game to play and also that everyone be prepared to play Duck Duck Goose (or as my husband, and apparently only those in the state of Minnesota, call it - duck duck grey duck - not capitalized because it is not recognized as the appropriate name! hehehe).

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