Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Reading

I have found myself a little more calmed down these days (read: worn out with zero energy). So in my down time of naptime and after kiddo bedtime, I find myself in the sitting position rather than ready to run around accomplishing a bunch of things . . . I also find myself every onece in a while (GASP) having a beverage with caffeine!! UGH - while I have only done this a handful of times in the last 28 weeks, it irritates me that this is the 1st pregnancy that I have caved to the pressure and desire of caffeine!

Anyway . . . I decided that while I am doing the aformentioned sitting I should do a little reading. I have some Buddhist books that I like to read over - but they definitely do not carry books regarding Buddhism at the Clarksville library! So I went to the parenting section the other day while we were there. Of course, with 2 girls ready to head to story time, my browsing time was limited.

I managed to pick up a few books on breastfeeding - I've only done the pumping thing, so I thought maybe I would gain some knowledge and insight - nope, not really! You would think by my 3rd baby I would know that it's all trial and error and to trust my gut! Besides the fact that the Ultimate Guide to Breastfeeding is written by a foremost expert . . . a dude! Really?!?

Then I grabbed a few books on greener living . . . this is a tough subject with me. I am planning on cloth diapering and we are in the process of switching our kitchen to a paperless kitchen (meaning using cloth napkins and dish towels instead of the paper counterparts). I also use green cleaning supplies . . . it took a while for me to get over my childhood notion that "clean" equaled the smell of bleach . . . I made it over my last hurdle with giving up the bleach when a spot hit my $60 maternity jeans! We also recycle darn near everything in our house. It's amazing - if you get rid of disposable diapers and recycle everything you can, we don't even come close to filling up our outside trashcan on a weekly basis! The part that I struggle with is the organic eating. I want my family to eat healthy foods (despite my love of unhealthy food) but the concept and price of organic food kinda get lost on me. I have a very strict grocery budget . . . and if I were being totally honest, I would tell you that I don't mind the thought of a pesticide on my fruit . . . but I am trying to stay open minded on the 0rganic thing, it's just a work in progress for me . . .

I also picked up a few books on preschoolers :) I got some book on having the happiest toddler on the block . . . I ripped through it and came out on the other end thinking that they just used a bunch of excess words to help people that clearly don't have the common sense of the concept of parenting . . . and yes, by the way, by their assessment, I have 2 of the happiest toddlers on the block! ha! Then I picked up the below book! I am taking a little more time to read this one because it is hilarious and I am really enjoying her perspective :)

At the end of the 6 books I grabbed my conclusion is this: In regards to parenting, I enjoy funny stories - at this season of my motherhood journey, I don't so much need the advice as the relateable stories. I have enjoyed during this 3rd pregnancy gaining different perspectives and I like that I decided not be on auto-pilot this time around. I'm changing to cloth diapers because I am relaxed enough now to give the attempt and see the value - likewise for breastfeeding. I am comfortable enough this go round to look at vaccines and question the schedule, efficacy, and consequences of them . . . though I can't say that the evidence and research has compelled me to stray from the doc recommended schedule. And I think it's great that there are so many people out there writing books on all the different ways to raise children . . . I am secure enough in my own style of parenting that I can read others and take them for what they are worth, but know at the end of the day what works for me . . . All in all, the reading has been a lot more interesting that What to Expect When You're Expecting! haha

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Wiz said...

Look at you reading informative books!! I stick to fluff :) That is awesome about you going so green! Sometimes I find it so hard to change your lifestyle. And breastfeeding is the hardest thing I have ever "attempted" to do!