Tuesday, March 8, 2011

32 Weeks

The clock is ticking down - though it really seems like it will be a long time from now. No worries, everything is done and ready, so it's just life as usual with a few more breaks to sit down throughout the day . . . thank goodness the girls are on a book kick right now and want to sit and read with me for long periods of time . . . although the room on my lap for both of them is getting scarce :)

  • Total Weight Gain/Loss: 32lbs - Funny, my weight gain and number of weeks match up! I've gained a little more than I was hoping at this point, but in the doctor's words today, she's not worried because "let's be honest, you have a pretty big kid in there right now" ha!
  • Maternity Clothes: Yes, I have lots of them! There are just a few items that aren't fitting, mostly some shirts that are getting a little snug around the belly. I actually have an entire section of clothes that I haven't worn at all - all my work clothes! No dresses or skirts this time around. Right now it's all about the hunt for the nursing/maternity pajamas I want.
  • Best Moment this week: Today we set the date firm on the doc's calendar - April 29th @ 7:30am
  • Gender: A boy, who apparently is very large . . .
  • Movement: It hurts! I think the kiddo is out of room and now according to the doc he has more weight behind his short jerky movements . . . awesome! So much for little flutter kicks. But lots of movement means a healthy boy . . . and a tired Mom!
  • Food Craving: Cereal - it's all about cereal - this week it would be Cinnamon Chex and Honey Nut Cheerios.
  • What I miss: Beer - I would really, really, like a beer
  • Sleep: It's not as fun as it used to be - and if I wake up for something, it's over - it takes hours to get back to sleep
  • What I am looking forward to: Jayson picking a name?!? My favorite name is a no go because he really dislikes it (it's Benjamin). So now I just have to sit wait for him to pick a name - right now the list on the fridge has a few names - but who knows!

The next rundown I do will be at 36 weeks, and I will be going to the doc once a week at that point and hopefully won't be much more uncomfortable than I am now?? :) I think I know better.


Wiz said...

Its so close!! I bet you are ready!!

Kasey Noel Rose and Reagan Caroline Rose said...

Check out Motherwear. Not a fan of their clothes but I have 2 pairs of nursing PJ's from there. Be prepared to look negative sexy but whatev!