Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Farm Day

We went to the farm yesterday for the Spring Festival. I love our local farm - they do so many great things for the kids. They are only open for the Spring Festival on the weekends from now until Easter - but since this week is Spring Break for the school kids, they had weekday hours. So even though it's a few weeks early for the egg hunting, we wanted to go while we knew that Jayson would have the day off.
My farm family
The giant sand pit

Feeding the animals - Samantha LOVES it, Marlie won't touch the food or the animals

Samantha had her Easter basket and was ready to get some eggs!

Getting the eggs - as you can see, they don't make it super hard for them - which is great for Sam at this age - then they trade in the eggs and get a treat bag :)

The tunnel slide built into the hill
My daughter the poser!

The girls and I will head back to the farm on a weekend closer to Easter - if I am up for walking that much . . . but maybe after I hit 37 weeks a nice hayride would bounce the baby out! ha! Doubt it though - I went to the doc today - I am 34 weeks and have gained 34lbs - my blood pressure is awesome and my weight gain is right on because it's mostly baby this time around! Based on the fact that he can kick one side and hit another side, we're guessing 23in or so and of course 9-10lbs . . . that's awesome - he'll top his sisters by 2lbs and 2in! And as for the painful kicks and movements, well, I just have to deal with it because she thinks there is zero chance I will go into labor before April 29th . . . at least we know he's healthy!! And of course, we still have no name . . . there are not enough words to describe the frustration a planner like me has waiting on a laid back guy like my husband to find a name . . .

As far as baby names go, I do have to share something. Jayson has always come up with these silly nicknames and things for every name and reasons who won't name a kid - like people will call him "Smelliott" if we name him "Elliott" (a name I love by the way). And in reading an article about things to watch out for when naming your child, the author told a story of her brother named Michael - really and truly one of the plainest names and seemingly impossible to make fun of . . . but leave it to the imagination of children, some boys in his class used to say "Michael, Michael, motorcycle - turn the key and watch him pee" HA!!!!! I don't think there is any name safe from teasing . . . so hopefully we will find one soon . . .

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