Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Home Daycare

So we had an inspection on our house today by the rental agency - just a checkup to see how the house is after a year . . . and we aren't resigning a lease. I have zero confidence that we will here for a full year, so we're just gonna hang out month to month! So while everything is looking nice and mostly cleaned up, I decided to snap some pics!
This is the girls' new craft table. The old table was just getting too small for Marlie - so I scored this one that's 3 times the size on craigslist! It will be nice to be able to pull it out and sit more kids at it for crafting. We just had to move our craft cart over a bit. And each seat has a chalkboard sticker so they can keep occupied while waiting for snacks :)

And this is part of our playroom - check out the Curious George canvases on either side of the window - totally snagged those for $3 at a consignment sale - the girls are loving Curious George right now . . . and everyone else on PBS kids, which I am liking a lot better than Nick Jr :)

Our board games and miscellaneous toys
This is the view of the playroom from the hallway steps - we have even cleared off 3 shelves to be ready for baby and boy toys! ha!
So that's my home daycare :) We currently have 2 enrolled with #3 joining our classes in just 30 short days. We are big on experience learning, enjoy craft time, lots of reading time, and we also cloth diaper in our infant room! We will drop back down to 2 students in August as one will be graduating to kindegarten . . . however, we will probably not have an opening for at least 2 years :)

I have definitely come to peace with all of the kids stuff . . . I have to remember what my Grandma Millie used to say to my Mom . . . one day you will have nice furniture and a spotless house - and your children will be gone . . . and you will wish you had your children instead of the nice furniture. While I can't handle mess, and I know that will never change, I have passed the point of trying to make it look like we don't have kids . . . toys and kids are part of our life! So we may as well embrace it . . . hence the above pictures :)

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