Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Toys All Around

We were very blessed to receive some unplanned for money this week. We decided to be kinda responsible with some and have a little fun with some. So today we purchased a few toys . . . first it was off to Toys R Us!
Trying out bikes

Samantha was having fun trying out the little bikes - but she is still getting the hang of the tricycle, so there was no bike for her. But Marlie has been asking for a few months for a big girl bike - she took a middle step with her scooter last year, we just didn't think she was ready for a big bike yet - and a good thing too, because last year we would've bought a 14in. Today we thought 16in was going to be a good fit - nope, not for our tall girl! I saw her on the 16in and said she needed to try an 18in - sure enough, it was a much better fit. The saleslady was kind enough to point out that 18in is a good size for 7-9 yr olds . . . sounds about right for our 4 yr old :)
This is the bike that we settled on - a nice Schwinn - Daddy has a hangup about Huffy's, so it was a good thing Schwinns are on sale this week at TRUS!

Jayson just finished getting it together tonight . . . I have to note that we didn't get a helmet yet. We will probably get one, but it's not like she's going out of the driveway at this point. And to be honest - get ready to call child services - I think that helmets are lame! I always said that serious babyproofing and bicycle helmets were not going to be my thing as a parent. We have passed child locks on cabinets and half our outlets are covered (maybe?) - and now we have to cross the helmet thing. Clearly I get the purpose, but who reading this blog wore a bicycle helmet as a kid?!?!? I am the first to say that there are a lot of things that we did as kids that probably weren't the smartest (sleeping on stomachs anyone?) - but didn't we all live through it? I fell off my bike a lot - that was the least of my worries, surviving my brother trying to mame me or break bones was more of a concern. And Jayson fell off his bike and split open his face as a kid - a helmet would not have been much help in that situation now would it?!? UGH!!

And here was Samantha's purchase for the day - of course to be shared with her sister - a great addition to our outside toys with spring and nice warm weather coming :)

And what trip to Toys R Us would be complete without a ride . . .

and playing the animal crane :)

So after an exhausting shopping trip at the toy store, us girls went home for naptime and Jayson headed out to purchase his new toy . . .

Admittedly not as fun as the girls toys, but a necessity nonetheless. For the last 2 summers we have hired someone to do lawn work - Jayson was out of town for the entire 09 summer and was in a new job for the 10 summer . . . so mowing the lawn wasn't something that he needed on his plate . . . but this summer as things are calmer (oh wait, I think we both forgot about that 3rd kiddo!), he's gonna take the lawn back on . . . hence the new toy!

While it would be fun to keep spending, we have to spend some and save some :)

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Tina. said...

Man I'm jealous. Mowing the yard is awesome. If I lived closeby I'd totally volunteer whenever Jayson didn't feel like it.