Wednesday, April 6, 2011

36 Weeks

I went to the doc this morning . . . baby boy is doing just great with a nice heartbeat. She informed me that my C-section would be at noon - not cool. That means I can't eat past 4am - don't think I won't be up at 3:30am making myself a nice breakfast!!! We also had a chat about the possibility of a tranquilizer before the operation . . . that's a no-go because it can flow to the baby. So I am going to hope that the feelings of the 8 minutes of natural C-section with Samantha don't come back to me too much before the day . . .

  • Total Weight Gain/Loss: 39lbs - hmmm, must've been the cheesecake! Let me ask you, if you were 9 months prego and your husband's restaurant served a fabulous made from scratch cheesecake, do you think you might eat a few pieces?! ha! And I am going with the fact that I had a good bit of fluid this morning - see I have a 56oz jug with a straw and I drink about 8-10 a day - so by 10am today, I had already had 2 jugs full of water :)

  • Maternity Clothes: Yes - I have them and I'm glad that almost all of them still fit

  • Best Moment this week: Becoming 98% sure that we have found a name . . . but maybe I will wait until the day to share it - because we could always change our minds

  • Gender: A boy, who apparently is very large . . .

  • Movement: It hurts! I mean really, it's not very comfortable

  • Food Craving: It's moving towards sweets right now

  • What I miss: Beer - I would really, really, like a beer

  • Sleep: Going pretty well right now actually - with only 3 bathroom breaks each night

  • What I am looking forward to: Meeting our son . . . I am very ready, which will probably make the next 3 weeks drag a little . . . but I will channel as much patience as I can
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