Sunday, April 3, 2011


Sunday has always seemed to be that day that has held a meaning to me . . . and as sacreligious as it is to say, it has absolutely nothing to do with church . . . well, anymore - it used to be about church, but seeing as I am Buddhist, not so much anymore.

When I was super little, it was all about football - because that's what my Dad did on Sundays. As I got a little older, and my parents were divorced, it became all about church. OMG - it was like a neverending day of church - Sunday school, church service, out to the grandparents, then back for youth group and then choir!

I choose to remember the best part of those days - going to my Grandparents' house every Sunday. It was just what we did. Every Sunday we had a family dinner - this was the majority of my Sundays until I left for college. Imagine my surprise when I found out that not everyone's families have Sunday dinners?!?! It was a bit disappointing.

Sundays in my twenties, that is, my twenties before kids, were fabulous days of brunch! Oh how I love brunch!! You can get up a little later, which was needed from Saturday night fun, but still get the wonders of breakfast . . . and screwdrivers and bloody mary's because you tell yourself that somehow the best way to recover from the consumption the night before is to just continue consuming! ha!

One of the best things about Sundays?! The paper!!! Even though you can view everything online, there is just something about sitting down with a Sunday paper . . . and feeling completely socially irresponsible for only reading the fun things and then recycling what must've taken 3 trees to make! But I love it . . . and I love the fact that Sundays are the day to prepare for the week - to start your clean slate for another 7 days. I still have this notion even though I don't have a M-F job to really substaniate that feeling . . .

I do love Sundays . . . this one is shaping out to be quite nice. The girls and I had a fruit and cheese plate (the toddler version of brunch) while enjoying Ratatouille. We will head out to enjoy the weather after nap and finish up with our version of Sunday family dinner at Daddy's restaurant . . . and I think that will tap me out today!

We have only 25 more days until we get to meet our little boy . . . and I am soooo tired and soooo ready . . . perhaps I blocked out not only this part of pregnancy but the recovery of a C-section too, since only a fool would wish to be in that spot right now . . . the grass is always greener . . .

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