Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

We headed out this morning for an Easter egg hunt that the mall was hosting - it was the welcoming party for the Easter bunny coming to the mall. It was actually pretty great - there were not that many people there - maybe around 35 kids. And the Easter bunny came out to kick off the hunt! Marlie kept giving him huge hugs - Samantha was not as impressed . . . though she did go give him a high five once Jayson picked her up. I was soooo glad he came out and we could snap pics - who really wants to pay $20 for the mall shots?!
They had little lanes for the different age groups . . . Marlie filled her basket to the brim!
Samantha got around a dozen eggs and decided that she was done :)
They sat down to open them up aftwerwards because a lot of them had little trinkets - and some had slips of paper for prizes
The slips of paper were for some really great prizes . . . a free meal and a free sandwich from Chick Fil A and a even a free 10x13 from Olan Mills (we will definitely be using that in a couple months!). I felt a little bad because the prizes were great for adults, but not so much for the kiddos. So we made a stop by the candy shop to pick out some treats for the girls - jelly beans and chocolate coins :)

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