Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh the Weather

What better way to spend some of my last nights of non-newborn-broken sleep than with ridiculous thunderstorms and tornadoes?!?!?!?

Last night the power went out for about 6 hours - and of course, right as it went out with a large gust of wind a screaming preschooler came running into our room! Not so much scared by the wind as the fact that their little lamp went out! Flashlights were busted out and we managed to get sleep until 6am when the power came back on, thus triggering the continual beeping of the security system . . .

Then there is tonight - which I am still in the middle of and wide awake!! Right as I dosed off to the news of severe thunderstorms I get a phone call from Jayson that the tornado warnings were just issued and were in immediate effect . . . followed by the tornado sirens and then the wonderful trip of me and 2 little girls down to the basement. After about 30 minutes, we came back up, and right as I got both girls tucked in Marlie looks at me and says "That sounds like a choo choo train outside Mommy" - BACK TO THE BASEMENT IMMEDIATELY!!!!

I have very vivid memories of being in my friend's basement when I was 8 and the tornado hit. It knocked out her neighbors on either side and threw down a huge power pole right in her front yard. I remember the coloring of the sky - a freaky green color . . . and I most certainly remember the sound when it hit - just like a train!

So now we have to deal with this for who knows how long . . . and then let's not forget the bonus of the aftermath - flooding . . . almost 1 year exactly since our town flooded last year. I am extremely grateful, however, that for the 1st time ever, we happen to have a basement . . . and I'm also thankful that I decided not to sell our old couch and chairs on craigslist and we have a comfortable spot to sit in the basement :)

Probably in about an hour another tornado warning will get issued . . . and I will be back in the basement . . . I think this is extremely odd timing on Mother Nature's part to prepare me for my sleepless nights ahead . . . and now it's almost 1am and I really want a cheeseburger! ha!


Tina. said...

EEPS! Scary weather sucks! I remember having to hide in a small coat closet with my brother and mom when I was a kid because we didn't have a basement. Glad you have a good tornado warning setup!

Wiz said...

This weather is crazy!! I am jealous of your basement. We really dont have a great spot to go at all! It makes me ready for a new house!