Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

We prepped yesterday for Easter by coloring our eggs

And we woke up bright and early @ 6:30am to open baskets. A couple of notes on this . . . as you can see in the pic, our girls were in dresses at 6:30am - they wanted to wear their Easter dresses to bed so they would be ready this morning when they woke up - this was our compromise! Next note - you can't see him the picture, but the world's greatest Dad is sitting on the couch. He got home from work @ 4am and still got up to be there for the girls opening baskets and hunting Easter eggs :)
Finding the eggs that the Easter bunny left

Opening all the eggs and dividing the insides - money in some and jelly beans in others

Finally we put on the Easter dresses later in the day to go and have dinner at Daddy's restaurant, even though he was working, the girls love visiting him at work!

And notice Sota in 2 of the pics . . . it's like he's trying to squeeze in as many photo opps as possible before he is displaced yet again by another baby . . . we didn't call him over for either pic or ask him to sit either time - poor guy . . .

The weather has been horrid here today - so there was not much celebrating of Spring outside - but we managed to find some fun Easter cartoons to DVR for later in the day . . . we have had our DVR for just over a week. I have to say, I have always said that I didn't understand the point, seeing that I barely have time to watch TV as it is - and though I have yet to record something that wasn't for the girls, I have definitely found the value and now appreciate it :)

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Tina. said...

Good luck on this last week of pregnancy. You're in my thoughts constantly! Love you!