Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Doctor Visit

Evan had his 1st doctor's visit today to check up on his weight and all that good stuff. He hasn't lost anymore weight since leaving the hospital, so we are hoping that he's on the upswing now for weight gain! Even with his loss he still weighs more right now than both of his sisters did at birth.

Overall his visit was uneventful - the way we like it! As opposed to my doc visit yesterday to get staples removed. UGH! Not only did the removal hurt like a *%&#*, I was told that I need to be sitting more with my feet up or I could develop preclampsia because of the amount of fluid that I am holding post-op. I have about 30lbs of fluid right now . . .it's awesome . . . I delivered a 9lb 2oz baby, plus all the stuff that goes with him, and I come out of the hospital weighing 8lbs MORE than when I went in . . . super cool! The good news is, at least all the weight left is fluid! ha!

Ready for the doc

And because it's always fun to look back . . . it is hard to believe that the baby in the carseat below is the girl standing next to her little brother above!!! This was Marlie's first doctor's appointment.

And then there was Samantha's first appointment . . .

I will put some more pics up of life these days . . .but right now we are just relaxing and enjoying our family of 5 before Jayson has to go back to work this weekend. Now that we have turned a corner and got a grip on this breastfeeding business, life is pretty peaceful :)

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Wiz said...

Glad his appointment went well and hope you start losing your fluid soon. I had some preeclampsia symptoms and know it isnt fun!

Evan is absolutely beautiful. Little boys are just so fun :)