Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Other Little Boy and a Playmat

Sota was our little boy before our kiddos came along . . . and he has been so great with each one of our kids since the day they were born. So we have a little tradition that when they first come home they get their pics taken with Sota. It's always been easy, because he is always protective of them as babies and lays right by them.

Marlie and Sota - 5 days old Samantha and Sota - 4 days old
Evan and Sota - 5 days old

And as I snapped a pic this morning, I realized that I had probably had a few like it in our stash. So here's the question of the day - how many kiddos can you fit on a playmat?

One? Two?

Or Three?

I think it might be full with 3 . . . you know what?? If you ever question how long 5 years is, you can always look at a few pics side by side. That little girl in a yellow onesie laying on a brand new playmat in that first pic, is nearly 4 feet of little girl hanging off the side of that playmat in the last pic telling her little brother (who she insists on calling Evan Michael when referring to him, because his 1st name just isn't enough) that he needs to open his eyes and look in the mirror and then he will see his reflection . . . and Samantha in her own way of showing her love for her little brother offered up her prized possession - her green animal blankie - in case Evan's feet were cold :)

There are no words to describe the love in my heart right now. In the beginning of having a newborn you can tend to wish the sleepless nights will end. And while I am sure they might wear on me more as time goes on . . . I am treasuring these days and nights more than I probably did with the girls because I have those 2 girls running around me to remind me every day that this time is gonna fly by . . . and I will miss it when it does . . .

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Wiz said...

I think Evan looks like Samantha's baby pictures! So precious.