Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Past Few Days

We enjoyed the last days of Jayson's vacation just hanging out and trying to settle back into life.

Jayson and Marlie have been practicing a lot of t-ball skills

We're getting used to having 5 people at the dinner table
Staring contests are fun . . .

Followed by giggles :)

We attempted to have our friend snap newborn pics . . . but of course, that's the one time Evan had no interest in sleeping!

Our 1st outing as a family of 5 was to Marlie's t-ball practice

Jayson and the girls went to Home Depot on Saturday

And made tulip flower planters

We also took a family trip to the doc on Saturday morning. Evan had to be re-checked for his weight. Since he isn't doing the greatest with the whole b-feeding thing, I have to pump and use bottles too . . . once we figured that out, he gained 5oz in 1 day. And Samantha, not to be ignored, has woken up in the middle of the night for 2 nights in a row now with a cough and a 102.8 fever . . . only to then wake up and be completely fine both mornings - no fever. WEIRD. I do so love going to the doctor to have her say "Both kids are great and completely healthy Mrs. Crandall . . . that will be $50" . . .

And today is Mother's Day . . . I think I got my present last week in the form of my beautiful son. Unfortunately, Jayson has to work all day today (the beauty of being off for the last 9 days) - so while I would love to say that I am having a nice relaxing Mother's Day, that's just not the case this year . . . but I am lucky enough to have beautiful weather and 3 perfect little faces to look at all day and remind me why I am fortunate enough to be able to celebrate this holiday . . .

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