Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Few Firsts

We had a couple of firsts today . . . the main one being Evan's first bath! Marlie snapped this picture for me! He was upset, but actually calmed down pretty quickly. Samantha just watched asking when it was her turn to get in. Of course, his first bath made a first for me as well - for the first time I bathed 3 children on my own. I did it - and I will do it again, but I don't think we will make it too much of a habit until he's a little older - we will save bath nights for nights that Daddy is home!
After his bath and jammie routine, Evan hung out on his Boppy for a bit while his sisters finished their bathtime. You can see he wasn't too traumatized.

Other firsts for the day:

  • It was our first day of full nursing since we've been home - no using the pumped bottles . . . I didn't say it was easy, but we did it! I am convinced it has to be done unless I intend to spend the next 355 days attached to a pump every 2 hours . . . not gonna happen . . .

  • A first (and I guess a last) . . . I'm not really sure if this is even something that you document, I haven't done the boy thing before . . . but Evan's little circumcision ring thingy fell off! ha! I just read that and now have to keep it because of how funny it sounds!

  • For the first time today Marlie sat down and actually brushed the hair of all of her Princess dolls (Barbie-esque type) . . . and for the first time Samantha wanted clothes on hers!

  • The girls each got their first little video games - just the little handheld electronic one game ones - Marlie got Princesses and Samantha got Dora . . .they were big sister presents from Evan . . . I'm trying to keep it as fun as possible around here - us girls are used to going out and doing stuff every day, and we just aren't there yet.

  • Yesterday I did take all 3 kids to the park for the first time - and to Babies R Us - and we all survived. Oddly, that first outing was soooooo much less stressful than the first time I took 2 kids out to Target when Sam was born.

  • And today I bought the first supplies for my new project . . . I'm going to hold a private consignment sale for all of our baby girl summer clothes (and do fall clothes in the fall) . . . because, deep breath and exhale, we have decided (99% certainty) that Evan Michael has completed our family. We always said 4, but after 10 days with our new addition, we feel like he just fits right in and completes our little family . . . after our easiest delivery, quickest recovery, and least stressful newborn days, we are going to call this the last chapter on our baby days . . .

It keeps life interesting to have all of these firsts going on!!

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Kasey Noel Rose and Reagan Caroline Rose said...

Yay!!! Sounds like things are going smoothly. He is so freaking cute, you are making me jealous for a little new one of my own. Keep up the good work!