Thursday, May 26, 2011

These Days are Flying By

The kiddos and I headed out for a walk on the Greenway this morning. The severe storms and tornadoes cooled the weather down a bit so it was a beautiful morning! A note on the weather - the lightning storms last night were wicked!! They were fun to watch knowing that they were at enough of a distance . . . or maybe it was enjoying an adult beverage that made it fun! YAY!! My oh my how I have missed beer . . . if only Jayson had finished his nasty keg of PBR before I got to have a drink!

Our 3 beautful kids ready for a walk. Marlie being herself, our little boy, and our poor little Sammie. She says she feels fine and she's active as can be but she has a slight cough and of course, her body's reaction to anything out of the norm, she has a 103.5 fever. She's our little ball of fire!
And speaking of our little boy, he will be 1 month old tomorrow! I cannot believe it!!! This last month has flown by, and parts are definitely a blur thanks to sleep deprivation. I will say the same thing about Evan that I said about both girls - I can't fathom that he has been here for a month, but at the same time, I feel like he has been in our family forever!
Some notes on Evan Michael at 1 month old . . .
He is making up for that weight that he lost. After pumping and bottle feeding, he gained 1lb in 3 days. In the last week he has put on even more weight! I did the very scientific weighing of him by standing on the scale by myself and then standing on with him and he is around 11.5lbs already! So he has busted out 3lbs in about 10 days! I am hoping he will level off a little now and that he was just playing catchup on eating . . . because let me tell you - right now he is packing down 40oz of milk in 24 hours . . . in case you don't know - that is a TON of food for a 1 month old baby! This could explain how he is already fitting in his 6mo clothes - 3 mo sleepers are now too short and of all things, his feet are growing out of the footies - there are no tiny baby feet here - he is prepping for his size 12s like Daddy :)I love this picture - he is getting to be so curious . . . and I also love that you can look at his crazy amount of hair and see that it is turning blonde :) Can't you totally picture it?!?!? 3 blonde haired, blue-eyed kiddos!! Too cute!

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