Friday, May 20, 2011

Three Weeks

After 3 weeks we have got the flow of being a family of five! And more importantly, I've got the swing of having 3 kiddos out and about. We made a trip out yesterday to enjoy the park and the weather.

And today we had a busy afternoon heading to the peditrician, the store, and then to t-ball practice!

Speaking of the peditrician . . . at 3 weeks old Evan has finally returned to his birth weight!! This has been a bit of a struggle for us over the past few things. I tried so hard to let my OCD nature go and went with the flow and did the breastfeeding thing. My issue with nursing has always been that I won't know what the baby is getting. So I did what everyone said and just paid attention to latching, how long he was feeding, if I felt empty, and of course, the output of dirty diapers. I did all this and thought everything was great . . . turns out, not so much. He is an "inefficient eater" according to the doc. So while he went 2 weeks without gaining a single ounce - after 3 days of pumping and monitoring how much was going in, he gained an entire pound! There is something to be said for going with the flow . . . but apparently, with Evan, there is more to be said for control.

It is a dilemma for me right now . . . pumping is a MAJOR undertaking. I mean, can you think of something that you would want to have to do every 2 hours for the next year of your life?! I can think of a few things, but pumping is most certainly not one of them. But I am going to give it a shot . . . and I am definitely putting forth my best efforts right now. But I have also done this before . . . I lasted 6 weeks with Marlie and 8 weeks with Samantha doing this . . . I am hoping I have more patience this time around . . . because it is hard to fully grasp the benefits of the breast milk when you have 2 happy healthy children running around who mostly had formula - the healthier one of the two being the one who had less breast milk! Alas . . . I want to do this so I am going to keep trying . . . and meditating about patience :)

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