Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Fun Begins

Let's see . . . Saturday started out with my 1st solo trip to Home Depot with 3 kids. A 20 minute project took over an hour with a bathroom break and diaper change thrown in . . . and we actually completed only 1 of the 2 projects we started . . . but we did it!!! And both girls got pins for their aprons . . . sometimes the beauty is in the attempt, right?!?! Sometimes it's good just to test yourself to see how much patience and stamina you have :) ha!
Then it was off to the fields for tball pictures for Marlie. She is #5 on the Dodgers . . . and no, I do not tell her to pose for pictures . . .

This morning we went out for some water play and fun in the sun before it got above 90! These bathing suits are special ones that were supposed to be saved for their birthday party. Grandma bought them since their party will be outside and there will be lots of water activities - they have little tu-tu type things on the bottom, so they are in lieu of birthday dresses . . . but clearly, they couldn't wait!

Evan now has to be buckled in to his infant seat/swing. He has gotten so big he can scoot himself out because of his long legs . . . and no, I haven't buckled him until now - he wasn't going anywhere!

And he's getting so big because he spends his days bulking up on his floor gym . . . punching elephants and kicking parrots! ha!

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