Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swimming, TBall, and a Phone

Let's start with a cute picture of the girls before swim lessons this morning :)

Samantha isn't in swim lessons yet - kiddos have to be 4 before they are allowed to go without a parent - and I can't do a Mommy and Me class with her because Evan doesn't like sitting by himself on the side of the pool. And to be honest, Samantha would enjoy being with me for probably a day and then want to go off on her own. The first day of lessons was rough for Marlie - she didn't get in the water. She did lessons last summer, but she is pretty timid when it comes to water and wants no part of going under! Yesterday she actually got in, realized she could touch bottom (3ft deep) and grabbed a noodle and went on her way . . . so I am hopeful for a good report when they get home today. Samantha just likes to go along and cheer, yelling "Go Sissy!!". And lets make a note about the pool. We were going to stay and swim after lessons yesterday so we had everything packed up . . . once I got it all unpacked, the girls were in the pool for about 5 minutes and I felt a raindrop. The sun was out and the lifeguard assured me that they don't make the kids get out for rain . . . 2 minutes later it thundered. Apparently, every time it thunders you have to get out for 30 minutes - and not just out, off the pool deck and under the pavilion. And if it thunders again after you've waited 20 minutes, the 30 minutes starts over! That seems a bit excessive . . . and needless to say, we left!

And the rain obviously was very shortlived, because we headed to tball at night. This was Marlie's first game - it was her team's second . . . . last week as we got out of the car and started walking to the ball field Marlie puked everywhere - I think it was too much lemonade at Daddy's restaurant for dinner, but to be safe, we left. Well, she did awesome! And let me tell you, we had fun! Samantha loved running around and cheering, Evan was happy as could be, and those kids were just fun to watch . . . and it helped that the rain cooled it down to a nice and breezy 70 degree night - FABULOUS!! It sounds funny, but joy just filled my heart watching Marlie, seeing Sam with a big smile and running, and holding Evan just looking at the sky and being content . . . at one point one of the moms looked at me and asked "So do you think you'll have another one?", and she asked at just that moment when I just felt complete calm and joy, and I just laughed and said "I don't even know" . . . :)
Taking a big swing . . .
and then running to first!And, um, how could she not catch the ball with that awesome stance?! She got it and threw it on to first base :)
And last night we also surprised Jayson with an early Father's Day present. Mr Crandall is now the proud owner of . . .
The IPhone 4!
I maintain that I think it's ridiculous . . . phones are for calling and texting - do you really need to be able to check your Facebook page all day long?! But he is in love with it - and that's what matters! And a note on texting - I realized how prevalent it is in our home. I asked Marlie to hand me the phone yesterday so I could call and see if her game was going to be cancelled - she looked at me and said "Why are you going to call, just send them a text?!" WTF?!?

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