Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some Notes on LIfe Right Now

Fair warning . . . this is a bit of a long one . . .

Yesterday our baby turned 5! Her party isn't until next weekend because she is going to share the party with Samantha . . . I am guessing this will be the last year that we are able to get away with that. Marlie is already out and about making big kid friends, so next year, we will have to split and have 2 separate parties. But we always do a special something on their actual birthdays. So we went to breakfast and they exchanged sibling presents. And then we came home and the girls enjoyed sometime in their pool! We have pool passes, and 1 of the 5 pools is about .4 miles from our house . . . but some days, you don't even want to load up the car . . . so we have our own oasis complete with water squirting palm trees!
And some other notes on what is going on right now . . . .

So do I curse myself for buying the glitter?? Or pat myself on the back for at least having the good sense to have them take it outside?
Can you guess which one is Samantha's?This is that "do as I say not as I do" thing that I always had a problem with as a kid. How do you say "No, you cannot sit on the table!" when someone else is clearly sitting on the table?!?!
At 6 weeks old Evan is doing pretty great. He goes to bed at 7pm (that leaves time for storytime for the girls who go to bed at 7:45pm). Then he'll wake up around midnight and then again at 4am and will be up for the day around 6:30am when the girls get up. It's doable because all kids are in bed and asleep by 8pm, so we still get parents only downtime :)

And then there is Evan's eating situation. I tried - I mean I really tried breastfeeding. And let me clarify, because some people just don't get it! I nursed for 2 weeks and Evan didn't gain 1 single ounce! He would eat 45 minutes at a time, we would have 10-12 dirty/wet diapers, he seemed full, I seemed empty - I thought nursing was going great. But again - not 1 single ounce of weight gain. Then we pumped and bottle fed for 3 days and he gained 1 pound! So pumping is how we were going to roll . . . well 6 weeks was how long I made it. So he is on even playing field with his sisters - everyone got 6 weeks of breastmilk. I tried it all - fenugreek, oatmeal, hundreds of ounces of water, pumping every 2 hours - I just wasn't making the supply he needed and it seemed pointless eventually to be mixing half and half bottles . . .now he is enjoying formula . . . and lots of it . . . and he is chubby and happy in his 6 mo clothes . . . and I have made it through the hormones and know that I put forth my best effort and it's over. And you know what?!?!? Since giving up the pumping, I am actually enjoying life A LOT more!!!!!! This is what works best for us - and both Evan and I are happier for it :)

At 4 weeks post pregnancy I decided it was time to start working out. I failed for the 1st week because I was trying to feed Evan at 4am, sleep for an hour, then get up to workout. Sleep was far more important. Then for the 2nd week I decided I would just get up with everyone and then while the kids ate breakfast, I would do my 20 minutes dvd. This has worked awesomely . . . but let me tell you why. Not only will Samantha just eat and hang out, but Marlie likes to hang out with Evan while simultaneously yelling things at me like she is my personal trainer! "Get your weights Mom" - "She's not done with crunches, why are you stopping" - "I think you need to go faster Mom" . . . luckily somewhere in there she always throws in "You're a good excerciser Mom".

Anyway, I did the workout 4 out of the 7 days. Jillian Michaels is still not my BFF, but her workout is doing the trick - 20 minutes I can do, especially if it yields 3.5lbs of loss in 1 week . . . I lost those pounds even through the beer and the Ben and Jerry's that Jayson made me eat. So next week we'll shoot for 5 days, no Ben and Jerry's, and no beer . . . okay, maybe the 5 days and the no Ben and Jerry's at least :) I have 15lbs until I return to pre pregnancy weight . . . while I only gained 45lbs during the pregnancy, after Evan was born and before I left the hospital I gained fluid and ended up leaving the hospital weighing 8lbs more than when I went in! So after that 15lbs, then there is the 15lbs from Samantha and the 15lbs from Marlie to lose! ha! Then I will be at college weight (post freshman 15 of course!) and we can move on with life.

Whew . . . and now we will start a super busy week!! Starting swim lessons for Marlie, tball games, summer reading at the library, all of our family coming in to town, and the girls' birthday party!!!

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Wiz said...

I hate that attitude some mother's get about breast feeding. Everyone is different. Why do others care so much about how another mother chooses to feed her baby. Feed your child how you want! Sounds like you did everything you could but no need to explain yourself :)

Happy bday to your baby! Is she starting Kindergarten? I bet you never thought that day would come!