Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Years Old

Five years ago today Jayson and I were sitting in a hospital watching Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and waiting for what I thought was a little boy to join our family! Instead, after about 40 hours of labor, Marlie Katherine came and made us a family!!

It was a bit odd today . . . I went to the hospital to see my doc for my 6 week checkup. Deja-vu-ish to walk into a hospital knowing 5 years ago on that day you were in a hospital.

Anyway . . . at 5 years old Marlie is our sensitive and delicate little girl. She is also headstrong, opinionated, smarter than words, precise, somewhat command oriented when it comes to her little sister, very concerned and caring towards her little brother . . . but most of all, she is our firstborn, the light of our lives, and one of the coolest little chics we know!!

I think this picture sums it up
Her girly bathing suit with a tutu . . . her tball hat . . . her beauty . . . and her attitude!

And I love how this picture at 14 months old is oddly similar in stance - and probably should've indicated to us what we were in for!
This next year is going to be full of new experiences and new adventures . . . and while it is a little sad to start a whole new chapter in our baby's life . . . I am very excited to see how well she is going to thrive in these next steps! School, tball, swimming lessons, Girl Scouts, and the list will only grow with new things.

Marlie Katherine . . . you amaze me every day with your creativity, your caring nature, and your ever expanding mind! We are so proud and fortunate to call you our daughter . . . you make us look like we know what we're doing in this journey called parenting . . . we love you all the way to the moon . . . and back . . .

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