Friday, July 8, 2011

The Fabulous and the Not-So Fabulous

Let's start with a few of the fabulous things in life right now:
  • How great is it that I can now watch my favorite childhood cartoon with my girls!?!? It's on the HUB :) I discovered this last week, and they get excited when it's on because I tell them I watched it when I was little. . . YAY!!!!!!
  • I just found out that while we are going to be in Atlanta during Marlie's fall break Disney on Ice will be there . . . and not just Disney on Ice . . . Dare to Dream - the Disney Princess Spectacular!! Sooooooo excited to take the girls!
  • Evan is starting to talk and laugh a lot . . . I don't think there is anything else that makes my heart melt like one of my children smiling . . . and especially when they are squishy little babies :)
  • Oprah reruns are now on CBS at 1pm - during naptime - finally after all these years, I get to watch Oprah in quiet by myself (well, Evan is hanging out to on his gym - but even though he is talking, he doesn't talk during Oprah - he knows better).

And now the not so fabulous . . .

  • I about sliced my hand open today . . . why would I think there would be a problem using metal scissors to cut open a package of magnets?!!?
  • Unfortunately this week we had a first that I am not too happy about. I rounded the corner and heard the sound of someone getting hit. Marlie jumped up and Samantha was holding her hand . . . and when I asked Marlie if she hit her sister, she straight up looked at me and lied and said no. Finally after 4 or 5 times of asking her to tell the truth and not to lie. She looked at me and had the presence of mind to say "Did you see me hit her?" So I did what any good parent would do . . . I lied, and said "Yes, I saw you do it" ha!!! And she naturally admitted it then. We had a very long time out and an extended discussion afterwards. I have to be honest - I had to stop myself from just smacking her upside her head for lying to me. But I learned that Marlie doesn't react to spanking - but you destroy her world if you make her sit quietly or alone. And how appropriate would it be to smack a child with a broken arm!?!? As angry as it made me, I felt the need to pen it for memory . . . and so that years from now when Marlie is a Mom she will be able to appreciate the irony of the fact that I caught her in her first lie by lying to her :) I think we will just let the go with a little "the means justify the ends"!
  • It is kinda stinking that we are having a summer sans the water due to the cast . . . that is now purple by the way . . . but we are making due with some fun play dates.

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eHawkins said...

I love the way you discipline! Honestly would it have made sense to hit her for hitting her sister. ha! I realize you really were more unhappy with the lie but still. :-) You are such a good Mom. I plan to reference this blog a lot someday. Oh and Jem!!Jem is excitement, ooh Jem, glamour glitter, fashion and fame. truly outrageous. Yeah, I'm a huge fan too. I may have to DVR that! LOL