Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In Which I Post A Lot of Random Pictures

Marlie's favorite part of the 4th - sparklers. There are no pictures of Samantha because she is terrified of fireworks . . .this fear comes from her father setting off a strip of 100 fireworks right next to her last year (and she litterally pooped her pants!).
My big 3 year old!! Standing in the middle of her FAVORITE puzzle of the moment - 50 pieces! She is so proud - now she does it over and over to see how fast she can do it.Our first little boy - he tends to get left out a lot . . . and he loves to have his picture taken, so when the camera is out, he gravitates toward the photo opportunity :)
Goofy face - have to get the everyday moments in pictures once in a while.
Modeling her new purple cast - she is very in to posing lately!
The cutest baby smile around
"I don't know Mom - I think horizontal stripes make me look fat - what do you think?"
It's a great day today . . . Evan finally got the memo that in the house at 3mo old you sleep 12hours. Both girls did it, and I expect the same from my handsome little guy. So last night he went down @ 7pm, woke up for about 10 minutes for a diaper change @ 4am, and then didn't get back up until 7:30am :) Would you believe that I ran in his room @ 7am to make sure he was breathing because he hadn't made a peep?!?!? He has about 2 weeks to get it down - but I think he'll make the 3mo cutoff for his sleep pattern :)
And before I forget, this past weekend we had our wonderful friends from Knoxville visit with their little boy. Unfortunately, Marlie and Jack didn't really get along . . . much like Jack's Mom and me when we first met! ha! So we figure in a few years they will be best friends like we are :)

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