Friday, July 15, 2011

On a Normal Day

We spend lots of time working out on our gym! Do you like my shirt?! It says "Just Add Milk"! ha! And don't worry about it - it's only a 12mo onesie!We model our casts and make funny faces.
We do lots of puzzles. The other day Samantha did 4 24 piece puzzles in 20 minutes - and then moved on to a 48 piece one . . . working her way to genius like big sister!We bake! From now on though, we will use Mommy's stuff. Marlie picked out some Easy Bake stuff for her birthday but it tastes GROSS!! Oh, and so you know, now they have Microwave in Style, it's a line by Easy Bake so you can microwave stuff instead of using the actual oven. I remmeber burning myself on that thing a lot as a kid. But this stuff is nasty - and instead of icing, they have microwaveable fondant - YEAH RIGHT!

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