Sunday, July 17, 2011

Things They Say

A few of the random things I heard this weekend . . .
  • Samantha - As I am cleaning with a Lysol wipe (the one with the purple things on them) she looks at me and says "Can you feel the difference?" I asked her what she said, and she matter of factly says "Can you feel the difference? A cleaner surface?"
  • Marlie - "That cloud looks like a donkey with a beard" Funny in itself ,but at first I thought she said beer - that would've been funnier :)
  • Samantha - As Marlie gets up to go get something at dinner "Guess dinner wasn't yummy for her" ha!
  • Marlie - "I can't sleep because Samantha is talking to me and actually wants me to listen to her"

And not to be left out, Evan burped and Marlie laughed - so he laughed too and burped again - you would've thought it was totally on purpose.

Another note on life - Evan has been having issues the past few nights with sleeping . . . UGH! He is only doing 7hrs at a time and I am seriously lacking sleep! And bathtime right now - HOLY CRAP!!! It would be nice to only do baths on nights when Jayson is home, unfortunately, that would mean our children would only bathe about 2 or 3 times a week! I actually had bathtime for 3 knocked out - I would do Evan and get him in bed while the girls played and then do their tub time and we were good to go. However, with one in a cast now, I have to do 3 separate baths - Evan in his sling, Marlie standing up with a trash bag over her arm, and then Samantha, who totally enjoys being in the tub alone!!

Other than that . . . life is just fabulous right now . . . I am busy tagging clothes for a consignment sale . . . between that and getting Marlie's school supplies together, I see the baby years fading away . . . but then I squeeze Evan and it makes me feel better! :)

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