Friday, August 19, 2011

Buses and Clothes

Well I would be lying if I said I wasn't VERY nervous when Marlie got on the bus this morning. Dropping her off at school the first day was okay with me - I watched her walk into the building and come out of it. But the bus . . . whoa . . . I was not prepared for that! But she did what she does . . . jumped right in with no problem! And she came home with the biggest smile on her face! I told myself that she would be fine - after all, I rode the bus when I was her age (forget that I had my big brother with me) and she would be fine . . . and perhaps it would've helped if coming back from the bank I happened to pass by the school at the time that her bus was supposed to arrive . . . and if I had seen her get off the bus that would've helped me feel better. . . of course, that's all hypothetical . . .ha! And she was so comfortable with the whole situation, that tonight she very plainly said to me "Mom, I don't need you to walk me out to the bus, you can sit on the porch and watch from there" . . . and so it begins . . . Jayson walked her out this morning - and this was the best pic I could get sitting on the porch with Samantha and Evan :)
But she had another awesome day . . . although it started out funny! She put on a dress and Jayson took one look and said "You need to go change" . . . I swear the dress fit just fine last week - and now, it was short enough that you could see her bike shorts sticking out the bottom (they have to wear them under dresses if they don't have tights on). So I grabbed another dress and then started doing some measuring. I freaked out and sent a text to my MIL that I thought all of the dresses we had just bought last weekend were going to be too short!!! Well, there are a few that will be questionable . . . but I measured Miss Marlie when she got home . . . would you believe that since her well child visit in June she has grown 1.5 inches?!?! Hmm . . . .that's about by how much her dresses had "shrunk"!!

And as if the clothing situation in this house weren't out of control enough - I am tagging stuff for another consignment sale in Clarksville now, we're changing seasons and separating non-school clothes for the first time, I am sorting out and donating maternity stuff, I have NO clothes that fit - tonight I put Evan Michael in his 12mo sleeper . . . some of his 9mo ones still snap, some do not . . . but his little feet were getting scrunched up! He looked so comfortable and able to stretch and bend in his 12mo sleeper . . . and his feet fit with about 1/8in maybe to spare . . . wow . . .

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