Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rolling with the Homies

Going . . . Going . . . Gone!!!!And we put on a new shirt to celebrate - "This is how I roll!" hahaha
This morning was the very first time that Evan rolled over completely on his own from stomach to back! So let's see - he is exactly 1 week away from being 4 months old. I remembered I had a post with Sam about rolling, so I looked here. It seems Samantha was 4 months and a couple of weeks . . . and I wrote in the post that based on baby book stuff she was about 6 weeks ahead of Marlie . . . um . . . of course I immediately googled milestones!! I knew other than walking, I never thought Marlie was behind in anything (and she walked at 13mo just like Sam, so that's not really behind!) . . .so sure enough, it says that most babies roll by 5-6mo, some as early as 3mo - depends on head control and neck muscles . . . well, I know this boy has neck muscles! He's the only one out of the 3 to actually enjoy tummy time - and he LOVES it. In Sam's post I had also put her in the Bumbo - we put Evan in the Bumbo on Friday, and there was no falling over, he was straight up and loved it.

I am super excited that he is hitting these milestones - but I am also a little reluctant. With Marlie and Samantha, it was great to see them growing, but I wasn't sad to see the baby phase leave because I knew there would be another baby someday . . . I don't know that with Evan . . . and that's making everything a little rough to watch . . . especially since it's going so quickly!!

On the food front, he has now been on cereal for 2 weeks - after 10 days of the rice, I decided he needed some flavor - so he's been on the Barley for about 3 days. I will give him another day or so to make sure the barley is flowing through and then I will steam him up some apples and make applesauce! The doc is probably gonna have a coronary - by the time he gets to his 4mo checkup next week he will have been on cereal and fruit for over 3 weeks! We will probably be on a 2nd fruit by then! Oh well - the cereal a few times a day has helped reduce his formula consumption to 32-36oz a day . . . still more than most babies his age consume in a day . . . but I feel like he's not starving! And I'm trying to get as much wear out of his 9mo stuff as possible . . . but after this next load of laundry, I'm gonna pack it up for a friend, because it's starting to compromise the snaps! ha! That cute little onesie above . . . doesn't look too big, does it?! Because it's a Carter's 12mo! Have I stressed how the clothing situation is out of control in this house!!!! Samantha is the only one growing at a normal rate . . . and I have probably jinxed that now by saying it!! We certainly have 3 very healthy, happy kiddos!!! I don't know why I would have ever thought with Jayson as their Dad that growth would be a problem!? :)

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Wiz said...

Whew! He rolled over so early because he wanted you to change him out of that awful GA outfit :) Haha. He is such a cutie!