Saturday, August 27, 2011

Story Time

As we were reading tonight, I thought it might be a good idea to make a quick list of a few of our favorite books right now. Some of these have been faves for a while . . . and they remain top choices each night! We try to read during the day, and a lot of times before naptime, but at night before bedtime, stories are a staple. Whether it's one parent or both - this has been a part of our night routine since Marlie was 6 months old and I started reading Goodnight Moon and Guess How Much I Love You to her every night!
Polite as a Princess - this is a fairly new addition to our shelves, but it was an instant favorite! It has several examples of things princesses do to show their manners. Not bragging, just saying from the heart, our girls have pretty good manners most days - but this was nice to give a little boost to some of those less common things like the napkin in the lap! And while we are on manners - we explained to Marlie that when she went to school, she was to address all adult women as ma'am and adult males as sir - no problem, she totally understood. Then earlier in the week she started saying "yes ma'am/sir" to Jayson and I . . . that was never on my list of things that I expected from our children - I had friends' parents as kids that required it and I always thought it was lame . . . now I'm never going to call her out and make it a requirement, but it kinda makes me laugh on the inside and feel special when she says "yes ma'am" :)
Nursery Rhymes - This was a present Marlie got a few years ago from Aunt Katy - and they have since memorized almost the entire book. When they get this out they recite all of their favorites in order and know them just by seeing the pictures!
Llama Llama - We love all of the books in this series. Right now, we are into this one because it talks about the little llama going to school and missing his mama :) In each book the author always uses the phrase about "llama drama" - I bust this out every once in a while when the girls are just being girls . . . I tell them to stop all of their llama drama and it gets a laugh rather than perpetuating the fight!
The Gruffalo - we've loved this book since it came from the Imagination Library 2 years ago! It's a fun story . . . and speaking of the Imagination Library - it was kinda sad . . . Evan's first book came at the same time Marlie's last book came :( But she loved the last book - Kindergarten Here I Come!
The House That Jack Built - this is a pretty hot book right now . . . because now, not only can Marlie recite the entire book by sight - but Samantha has picked it up! There is one picture for one word on each page, but they have memorized everything around it . . . funniest phrase uttered by a 3 year old " . . . that waked the priest all shaven and shorn . . ." ha!

I can only hope that their love of reading will continue. I lost mine somewhere along the way . . . and after college, it was more than lost, it was beaten out of me. I have started to gain it back gradually - but I will never be the person that reads stories for fun . . . even when I read for fun, it's only non-fiction and informational :)

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Wiz said...

So funny about the "yes ma'am." I am not going to teach Colt to say it I dont think. I had never thought that much about it until the kids across the street (in high school!) started saying "yes ma'am" to me. I hate it!! It makes me feel so old!