Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The 4 Month Checkup

This little man had his 4 month checkup this morning . . . on the exact date that he turns 4 months old :) And the stats . . . .18lbs, 27in . . . and to compare that to his sister's stats . . . well, to get a little closer in numbers, we have to look at their 6 months stats instead! At 6 months old, Marlie was 18lbs 29in and Sam was 17.8lbs 26.5in . . . so he's comparable to the girls, just 2 months early!!!And if you know how big a pack n play is . . . you can see how long the little Mr. Crandall is!!
The doc says that he is very proportionate . . . he's just a big guy! I think it was 90th percentile on the height and 97th on the weight - but I've said before, I don't really buy into those things . . . though I suppose I might believe it if you told me that my 4mo old is bigger than 97% of the kids his age . . . I mean, he beat out his sisters for sure!
On the clothing front - he's in all 12mo clothes . . . and by all, I mean all the 12mo ones that fit. He has some 12mo outfits that are too small - notably Osh Kosh and Target brands. That is why I like to stick with Carters - then I know the sizing is consistent (except 1 sleeper I bought last week that was Carters and the armholes were half sized . . . and Jayson was the 1 to discover it when Evan's arm couldn't fit . . . but that was the 1st time in 5 years of Carters). So I have managed to accumulate 15 Carter's short sleeve onesies in 12mo size . . . other than that, summer stuff is just gone in stores . . . and Evan has nothing else to wear. 15 onesies might sound like a lot - but when you burn through 2-3 a day - not so much! I have a sick feeling that all of the fall 12mo stuff I have will not even get worn . . . I anticipate being well into our 18mo clothes by Halloween!
As far as food - we've had rice and barley, apples, peaches, plums and tomorrow we will be tackling carrots! I am making all the food this time around - it's way too easy and soooo much better. And having to buy all of the healthy food for him, ,leaves plenty to eat for the other kiddos . . . .or sneak into purees so Jay might actually get some veggies!!!
Overall . . . he's big - he's healthy - he's a rolling machine that babbles A LOT - and he took his shots like a champ (I would say "like a man", but that's a little sexist . . .especially when your Dad is terrified of needles! ha!).

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Wiz said...

This made me curious to look back at Colt's numbers because he was a big baby as well. Colt was 17lbs, 2 ozs and 26.25 inches.

Glad Evan is so healthy!