Thursday, September 1, 2011

1, 2, Free, 4, 5

I picked up some awesome books at the consignment sale for the girls . . . and Samantha is in love with them!!! They are wipe clean books that you use with dry erase markers for numbers, letters, and things that go. She has really gotten into the couting one. She can rote count up to 30 and is working on number recognition right now - she's got 1-5 down and is getting better on the others.She is very proud of herself!! And she calls the books her "homework" and carries them around all day :)

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eHawkins said...

In that last picture Sam really looks like you!! I love that your kids love reading. I hope school doesn't beat it out of them. I got close to that happening to me as well. Now I'm back and loving reading like never before! :-)