Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Trip to Atlanta

We had a fabulous trip to Atlanta over the last few days. We went down mainly to visit Grandparents and go to a consignment sale to get clothes for fall (and I sold over 300 items!). While we were down there, we thought it would be a good idea to get together with a lot of old friends with all of our kids. Our friend Josh offered up his house and it was a BLAST!!!! I thought Josh was kidding when he said that he would build the world's longest slip n slide after dinner . . .he wasn't joking. We had about 75ft of tarp laid out at a perfect angle and then hosed down . . . eventually soaped down too . . . and a whole bunch of naked kiddos, and a few clothed adults, enjoying the fun! I didn't get many pics, Jayson took a bunch of video though. I did grab this pic of Jayson and Long with the kids. Long is one of Jay's oldest friends, and I adore him, and his wife Holly is a sweetheart. Here is Jayson and Evan with Long and Sevi . . .
The boys are about 6 months apart . . . but I took the pic because I remembered I had this one of 3 years ago with the guys and Samantha and Lila . . .our girls are only about 2 weeks apart :)I got some pics of one of their favorite pastimes with Grandpa . . . filling their piggy banks! They worked together to fill Evan's for him too.
Of course we had to take pics after bathtime in our jammies . . . when kids look the sweetest ;)
We also spent one morning at the park. There is anwesome park near the house that the girls absolutely love! We have gone every trip for the last 2 years! It's a super nice park and trails.
And afterwards, we met Grandpa at Olive Garden for lunch . . . YUM! But not without taking a few more pics at the park!
We also met Uncle Jason and Aunt Angie at Cracker Barrell for breakfast on Sunday morning. My SIL is expecting her first baby . . . we will find out in a week if I'm going to be the best Aunt ever to a niece or nephew!!! YAY!!! I'm laying my money down on a niece . . .

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Wiz said...

Glad you had a good trip! Love your savings ticker for Disney! We plan to go on our first trip in Feb or March of 2014 (Colt's fifth bday!) so I cant wait to hear how your trip goes!