Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The First Full Day of School

I am a little bit behind because we've been in Atlanta the last few days . . . but Marlie's first full day of school went AWESOME!!! She jumped out of the car when I dropped her off like she had done it a million times . . . and came out at the end of the day all smiles!!

All ready to go! She wanted to leave as soon as she was ready, so we had time to run a few errands before I dropped her off. She was so excited I didn't want to make her sit around and wait to get in the car.
A back shot of the backpack - right now it's all about Tinkerbell! I totally remember my first backpack - hot pink with Gizmo from the Gremlins :) And of course, she has a matching lunchbox too - she tells everyone that they came in a package from her Grandpa and Grandma in Minnesota!
All 3 kids excited and ready to leave @ 7:20am!!!
It took us a while to pry some of the details out . . .as soon as we picked her up we were hitting the road to Atlanta, so she had to take her Dramamine . . . this did not make her happy, so she withheld info until we got on the interstate! But . . . she loved everything, got to be the line leader twice, and only her and 1 other friend got a special treat from the teacher because they followed all the rules and were quiet during rest time too! I am soooo very proud of her!

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eHawkins said...

Yay Marlie!! She looks so cute all dressed up for school with her lunchbox and backpack! It also looks like Atlanta was a blast. I'm glad you busy because so were we. Next trip most definitely though!