Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday . . . kinda like Wordless Wednesday with Words

I know I've already posted this pic . . . but I love it :) And I'm just feeling very thankful today that I am at home with them . . . Evan almost rolled over this morning and it just hit me like a ton of bricks! I missed the first time Marlie rolled over, the first time she sat up by herself, and the 1st time she crawled. I was there for all of the milestones for Samantha, but I was also pounding out 40hrs/wk worth of work in under 20hrs from my home office, and having mild panic attacks because Jayson was working 70hrs/wk - so I wasn't totally present.

But this time . . . this time I am here for it and it is my focus . . . and I'm just really thankful for that! Which in turn, would of course mean that I am so very thankful for my husband . . . because he works as hard as he does for this family so I can be here for these moments . . . and really, what more could you possibly ask for from one person?!?! I mean, he's kinda cute too - so I do love him for that as well :) But seriously - there are so many days filled with worries, stress, and other general non-fuzzy feelings . . . so when I have a day that is just awesome for no particular reason . . . I want to remember it . . . and I want my kids to read someday that on any given day, they and their Dad are what make my life great . . . and my life is pretty freaking great!

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Wiz said...

Such a great post. I am curious to see the difference it make with me staying home. I am thinking I will like it more than I ever thought I would.