Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Who knew shoes could be such a big deal?! I have never been the girl obsessed with shoes - at least not in quantity. I have always been more on quality. So in college when I was broke, I would much rather have owned 2 pairs of Birkenstocks than 6 pairs of cheap shoes. The one time that I did stray from that was for a pair of black leather knee high boots, that were on the cheap side, and I ended up busting a heal on one and falling on my ass on the sidewalk on my way to my court appearance for public intoxication . . . that looked awesome . . . but that's a story for another day . . . back to shoes!

I had the thought instilled by my Mom that Stride Rite was the only way to go for little kid shoes - so I have been diligent about making sure that the girls always have them - granted, from the outlet, so probably not always the current fashion. I can justify the $$ on the Stride Rite if I can get them for the same price as Target shoes . . . so I do :)

The last time I took Marlie shoe shopping, I could tell she was getting antsy about the little kid styles I kept pushing her towards. It was easy to keep her in the toddler section though, because even though the rest of her is tall, her feet are pretty small - so she was still in a size 10 . . . well flip flops got us through the summer . . . and now we need to pick out back to school shoes. And so it begins . . . She does have a pair of Dora light up tennis shoes that I bought simply because they were $2 and I knew they would make her happy . . . I was hoping they wouldn't fit by now, but no such luck. Then I start showing Marlie some pics of cute mary janes for school . . . and she insists that she wants these . . . . or something similar. . .
I thought I would escape these by plainly saying "those have ties, and once we work on tying your shoes, maybe we can get a pair like that" ha! Have I met my daughter?!?! She promptly goes and gets an old pair of her tennis shoes that had ties (back when I could help her and she wouldn't lose her mind) that are sitting in the closet waiting for Sam, and asks how to tie them. So I thought about what method would be best and then went with the one we just saw on Shrek - the dragon under the bridge, through the loop, and into the castle. Well of course - it worked!! 5 times in a row she did it . . . by tomorrow she will be a pro asking for those horrid shoes!! Do they not look like something straight outta the 80s that you did in your bedroom with your friend's Bedazzler?!? And lord help us all - they have ones that light up!!

Don't get me wrong, I am very excited that she mastered the skill of tying her shoes in under 10 minutes . . . but I have to find a pair of shoes to go with all of the the cute little courdoroy jumpers and little girl school dresses that I plan on purchasing in Atlanta next week . . . and those shoes are not working for me!!!! So I will have to more than likely turn to bribery . . . perhaps we can go with some nice brown or black mary janes if I offer to buy her other coveted pair of shoes . . .
But then again, didn't I learn my lesson with Samantha and her obsession for rainboots when she refused to wear anything else for 6 months?!?! Clearly I didn't, because I bought these on clearance at Old Navy for Sam to have this fall . . .Oh well . . . my new mission is to find Mary Janes with glitter stuff, the first of many compromises . . . but of course then get her tennis shoes that tie as well ;) What the heck is next?!?!? Oh wait, I know what's next . . . I got my ears pierced for my 6th birthday . . . this is all going way too fast for me . . . I think I will have a drink tonight! :)

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