Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Weekend . . .with a Few Firsts

Our first 1st of the weekend was on Friday - Marlie's 1st day of school. It was only for an hour, and Jayson stayed to get info . . . but I guess it counts. She goes next Friday and the following for testing - then starts full time on the 23rd - that will be way more eventful! But we took pics anyway . . .Have I mentioned before that Marlie likes to pose!?It will be weird when the days start with just 2 kids - Friday was nice and easy though . . . weird, but very easy with just two kids!!!
And Grandma and Grandpa got into town from Atlanta on Friday . . . so naturally Grandpa took the girls to Home Depot on Saturday morning to make pencil boxes!
And Evan Michael provided us with 2 firsts this weekend. #1 - Friday afternoon was the first time that I have had to remove an outfit from a child because it got so tight that it was cutting off circulation and turning a leg blue!! The outfit fit fine last week . . . and it was a 6-9mo romper! #2 - Evan had cereal this morning for the first time. After consuming about 50oz of formula yesterday, and all of his bottles being topped out at 9oz, we decided he needed another form of food. Both girls were 4 months when they started - but I remember Marlie's doc asking why I hadn't started her on cereal yet because she was having 48oz a day . . . . so it was time - the boy needed some food . . . and he enjoyed quite a bit for his first time out :)

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eHawkins said...

I can't believe Marlie is starting school! Your family is growing up so quickly!