Friday, January 6, 2012

The Santa Inquisition

I was 9 when I "found out" about Santa . . . and I've wondered how long it will be before our kids start feeling the doubt . . . I would be lying to myself if I said that we have more than 1 or 2 more Christmases with Marlie believing in Santa! Here are a few reasons why I think that . . .

The other night I was feeding Evan and the conversation went a little like this . . .

MK (looking up the fireplace since we've moved our tv stand): How can Santa really fit down that little hole?
Me: It's magic remember?
MK: Well I didn't hear his reindeer on our roof . . . and anyway, why would he park them on the roof if we sprinkled reindeer food in the lawn . . . and if he put them in the yard so they could eat, then how would he get up on top of the roof . . . because if he did put his sleigh and reindeer in the lawn then wouldn't it just make more sense to walk up the deck and come in the back door, but you wouldn't know it and the door would be locked because you lock the doors at night, right?!
****Let's take a break and explain that yes, this is exactly what she said, and yes, this is how it was said, with no break in words or thoughts for me to even offer an answer!!****
Me: I imagine Santa has been doing this for a very long time and he has the whole reindeer situation and chimney navigating under control
MK: Does he come into our room to see us sleeping like the song says?
Me: Nope - he's very busy and doesn't have time to check on every boy and girl - just deliver the presents
MK: But he has time to sit down and take a break for milk and cookies . . .
Me: Well everyone has to eat
MK: So does he really make all of our toys at the North Pole . . . because my guitar came in a box - so does Santa make the toys and then put them in boxes - or does he go to the store and buy some of the toys?
Me: Probably when there were less children in the world, he made them all - but now there are too many kids so he has to get some help and might buy some of the toys from the stores
MK: But I thought the North Pole was a cold place where no one lived, so how could there be stores there to buy toys at if no one is there but Santa?
Me: Santa probably has some select stores he uses throughout the world
MK: Okay, it looks like Evan's ready for a bath, I'll go let Sam know it's bathtime
Me: Deep release of breath . . .

Seriously, I'm not going to get into the conversation in the car on the way to the library as to why Samantha received gifts when she clearly did not write her letter to Santa - when I explained she told him what she wanted, I was met with "I was there, I did not hear her say anything about Strawberry Shortcake to Santa" . . .

And we will end on the note of moving on . . . as we were searching for a tv stand the other day Marlie asked if we were going to the mall - I said no. She asked if Santa was still there - I said no. Then came "When will the Easter Bunny be there?" "Probably in March" and then came "Mom, do you wanna know what was really weird? Last year when I sat on the Easter Bunny's lap he asked me what I wanted in my Easter Basket - candy of course, what else would I want?!" ha!!! I simply explained that the Easter Bunny must've just had an off day . . .

All of these mythical symbols are pushing my explanatory abilities to the max! I can understand why people don't "do" these things with their kids . . . but I also remember the magic and fun as a kid, and like it or not, she's only 5!! So if she wants to reason her way out of all of it by herself, that's one thing - but I'm not going to take it away . . .

And while we are on the topic of holiday characters - ever wonder why it is that kids find out about Santa and then the progression trickles down to the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy?! I have never heard someone say - "I figured out the Tooth Fairy wasn't real and then it went downhill from there" ha!

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Wiz said...

Hahah! I DID find out the tooth fairy wasn't real and it DID go all down hill from there!

I lost a tooth and suspected there was no such thing. So I didnt tell my mom and what do you know, no money under the pillow. After that, I knew that nothing was real.

So now you have heard it :) (I was seven though! Not five :))