Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ma Ma

You know, over the years I have had moments when the kids do something, hit a milestone, or go to a next phase and I say "I should write that down" . . . and quite honestly, I usually do! In the back of Samantha's baby book is a very clear list of sizes in diapers, clothes, bottle nipples, foods, etc. and the corresponding ages. Well, a lot of good it does when kids are so different! ha!

Last night I heard a very distinct calling "ma ma, ma ma" . . . and I looked and both girls were in the same room with me and I thought to myself "Um, it's either the dog or Evan has decided to utter my name" . . . so I walked into his room and he said "ma ma" - oh, but this is Evan Michael, he doesn't do just one amazing thing at a time . . . he was saying this as he was standing in his crib! Did I mention we lowered his crib a little bit ago - halfway down . . . NOT ENOUGH!!! Guess what Jayson's doing today?!?! I am hoping all the way down will be enough - but I do foresee him moving to a big kid bed at 18 months like Marlie - that crib is going to become a danger sooner rather than later when he tries to catapult out - and he will be tall enough and strong enough very soon! While it was a bit terrifying to sleep a night thinking he could bounce outta that crib . . . it was kinda cool to hear my last baby say my name . . . especially when Daddy has been trying to force him to say "da da" . . . Jayson got both girls to say his name before mine, I'm taking this one!!

So all of this movement brought about the change of a new tv situation in our living room. We had our large flat screen on one of those nice low stands - you know, the kind you can have when both of your children are old enough to know not to touch . . . Evan quickly developed an obsession with the Directv box . . . and now he is pulling up on EVERYTHING, and I would assume by this weekend, the tv was next on the list. So now it us up on a nice 3ft stand, and all components are behind glass . . . again, we never went through this with the girls - our tv's have always been up high . . . ugh!

It has also brought a change to our morning routine . . . Evan gets up about an hour before the girls - and while I'm working on getting up before him, it just doesn't happen most days! So he sits in my room and plays while I get ready and then we head downstairs and get breakfast ready for everyone and pack lunches . . . well, I guess he has decided that giving up the bath ring wasn't enough . . .

now he would prefer to take a shower! ha! See, you look at this picture and he doesn't really look all that big (to me anyway) . . . but then you find out that those are his 18mo Carter's jammies and they are getting snug in the torso . . . and did I mention that the highchair at OC the other night wouldn't buckle around him at it's complete end?!?!

I will go ahead and put my prediction in writing (and try not to sob as I do so) - I do believe our son will be walking when we celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day . . . may some force be with me . . .

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Wiz said...

We hit nine years this year too (April!) Hard to believe its been so long! He is so cute! Colt was always big as well but he never tried to crawl out of his crib...ever. We finally moved him when he was over two and a half. Maybe Evan will be the same way...maybe??