Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our Girls

Is it possible to have such a defined personality at such a young age?! I am in awe of how different our girls are every day . . . but strangely similar as well. I remember a line in a favorite movie of mine where the woman says "People don't change - you are at 5 who you are at 50" and in the very next scene, playing the other side of the coin to a different character you see her saying "People change - it's just part of life" ha!!

I wonder about that . . . I mean, obviously people grow up and mature and there are always defining moments that can change part of who you are - but at the core?!?! I mean the essence (ha! such a completely baseless term!) of a person, the basic character traits that make you who you are . . . I am willing to bet that the 1st statement is right - you are at 50 who you are at 5.
Marlie Katherine - my analytical, detailed, smart, rule-following, focused, fun-loving, maternal, and kind little girl . . . I think 20 years from now I will be able to say the same thing. She will always be the first born and the big sister . . . and she will always play that role with perfection and grace. Marlie is on book 3 already in her accelerated reading program. Each student has up to 2 weeks to complete a book and the test that goes with it . . . she started the program on Friday and is currently on her 3rd book! ha! "Why would someone need to keep the book 2 weeks?" she asked. Her report card that came home yesterday also stated that she was "simply fabulous and an example to all of the other students in the class". Words aren't enough for the pride! This one is smart . . . but her heart matches her brains in size . . . and that's what makes her truly special.
Samantha Michelle - my free spirited, smart, wiley, funny, kind, and loving baby girl. At the little age of 3.5 yrs old this one has learned to write "Sam" and loves to play show and tell with her sister, in which she says "This is special to me because . . . ". She is obsessed with playing beauty shop - real people are her models of choice, but she'll take dolls and My Little Ponies too. My favorite part is now that she has learned to chew and spit out gum properly, she is allowed to have it . . . so she will get a piece of gum, her beauty kit, and start conversations like "So do you know that we are going to Disney World? Have you ever been?" Though she's not always a people person, she is very decisive and will tell you upfront "I am going to be shy with that person". She toes the line between following the rules and how much bending she can do to get away with something . . . and her big blue eyes help her out! She loves to be a big sister to Evan, unless he is trying to get into her beauty shop kit, then she will run from the room exclaiming that "Evan is attacking me". No drama here at all . . . my heart swells with pride and love for this little one.

They are so very different these two . . . but they are the joys of our life that keep it interesting and worthwhile . . .

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Wiz said...

I bet you are curious about how Evan will turn out. Colt sounds a lot like Marlie. He is so type A and a perfectionist. He likes to do EVERYTHING himself. Those first borns...