Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Not the Best Night Ever

Oh my . . . I don't know how it's already 6am . . . but at the same time, I can't believe it's only 6am! Last night Jayson worked and by 7pm the state of house was just pitiful . . .

  • Marlie - I have had her on cold medicine, but with no fever, I switched her to Claritin. She's getting better, but still looks sad with her bloodshot eyes.
  • Samantha - All of a sudden she had a 101 fever - which is low grade for her - and just said her tummy hurt. Nothing came of it other than waking up around 10pm to cry a little and strip off her pajamas?
  • Evan - he's had a few mists of saline up his nose and a lot of aspirating! He went to bed with a humidifier and some Vicks on his chest . . . I think he slept better than the night before.
  • Me - All of the above are manageable in themselves, but when you add the fact that at 6pm I started having stomach cramps . . . ugh . . . when I jumped up to get Sam at 10pm, I had to run back to my bathroom to start throwing up . . . I am still extremely naseuous, barely slept . . . and pretty much I am a big sack of nothing right now!

You know, the funny part is, when I started to get stomach cramps, I thought it was from doing too many crunches in my workout! When you stop working out and then start back, it takes a few days, and I thought my stomach was just adjusting! Oh the naivety!

I will just remember the little song I heard from my sweet firstborn last night at a stoplight - all of a sudden I hear a little voice singing "All I need is a song in my heart, food in my belly, and love in my family". Precious . . . and it just makes me feel good to hear that from her and then have her say "I like the words to this song!".

I have to go make breakfast and pack lunches now . . . oh my . . . if that doesn't do my naseau in, it will be Evan's poopy diaper. I feel like if I throw up on one of my kids, it's kinda just retribution, right?!?! :)

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