Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Water Filled Wednesday

Last night we went to OC for dinner since it was Kids Night . . . I was already flustered because I had been dealing with the bank all day about our check cards not working (and that overlapped into today as well) - so I had to sit in line for 15 min to withdraw cash from a teller! We pull into the garage and Sam was the first one to jump out of the van, the lights weren't on yet, and all I hear is Sam shouting "Mommy, why is it raining inside?" So I get out flip on the lights, and yes, it was raining in the basement. I bolt upstairs to see that the drain hose from the washing machine had busted out of the wall and flooded the upstairs and it was pouring into the basement!

I thought I was going to lose my mind until my little comic relief comes around the corner . . .
"I'm ready Mommy . . . I have my rainboots on!" Oh - I just had to stop and laugh for a minute. And also be thankful that the 2 boxes with 50 framed pics of my children and the large pile of baby gear going to consignment, were 6 inches away from where the water stopped!!

So now the dining room, where all of the water flowed upstairs, has fans and dehumidifiers going in it . . . and we are waiting on the insurance adjuster to get here and tell us what they're going to replace in the basement . . . most notably our couch and chairs . . . ugh . . . beccause naturally, did I mention that the washer was on the longest possible 2.5 hour cycle washing diapers?!?!?!?!


Tina. said...

Oh man what a rainy mess. Water events are such a pain to clean up properly. But I also wanted to comment how Sam has changed in the last few posts - she looks different. Her face has a different, more grown-up look to it. So exciting. What a pretty girl. =)

Wiz said...

This happened to my parents on Easter Sunday when Steven and I were kids. The washing machine flooded our whole downstairs. Being the hellions we were, Steven and I were like "Yay! We dont have to go to church." We still went though.