Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh Dr. Seuss

As is the case for the last few years, this time of year breeds interest and enthusiasm about all things Dr. Seuss. The whole week at school has been about reading and has been centered around Dr. Seuss books . . . so during her quiet time today, Miss Marlie picked up Green Eggs and Ham. When I explained it was quiet time and that I wasn't reading right now, she told me it was fine and that she could read it. Have you picked up a Dr. Seuss book lately? This one is 55+ pages and has words in it that are not "Level 1" - and she kicked that books ass! *proud*

And in an interesting note home the other day I was informed that she is going on her first field trip . . . my how times have changed . . . they are going to see "The Lorax"! And they justify this as a field trip because "the movie displays 19 principals that are taught in kindergarten including environmental responsibility, civic duties, and kindness to all people regardless of differences". Yea . . . if that makes you feel better . . . it's a movie!!! Granted I grew up in Washington D.C., so my field trips were to the Smithsonian, Air and Space Museum, and the National Musuem of Natural History . . . but there has to be a middle ground between that and the local movie theater?!?

So much for quiet time . . . smarty pants is over here reading another Dr. Suess book - Ten Apples Up on Top - so I think I should go listen :)

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