Friday, March 2, 2012

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

But this one can sum it up in less . . .
  • We like to eat dinner looking like rock stars . . . don't be jealous
  • Evan stuffs his face and thinks that we're weird when we take pictures and laugh at ourselves being goofy . . . he only rolls his eyes when Jayson is there to do it with him! ha!
  • On nights when Jayson works, the kids get to pick their entree (50% of the time chicken nuggets) - but they still have to eat fruit and veggies - because honestly, I am not a fan of cooking and/or eating dinner - I do it for my family - and when 1/5 of the family that will actually eat what I cook is gone, I just assume make sure the other 2/5 get some nutrition!
  • The blinds in our dining room, and most of our house, have to stay halfway up (or down depending on your view of life) thanks to Evan's love of them
  • We have totally decorated our house for Spring and Easter - no I don't celebrate Easter for "religious" reasons - there is actually a very old and pagan rooted background to the celebration of Spring - google it - the egg and all! And I love Spring colors, especially since they are the opposite of my home's color palate (minus, of course, the room of 2 little princesses which is nothing but pastel!)
  • I stopped in at Dollar General to grab paper plates for a craft to do with the kids at our MOMS Club meeting today- making hats that resembeled that of the Cat in the Hat (since it was Dr. Seuss' birthday and all) - and while there I picked up those cute little cups that have awesome built in straws
  • I am completely jealous of the simple invention of a cup with a built in straw . . . and they totally make bowls with straws too . . . I would've lived for that as a kid . . . and most likely if they made a gigantic cereal bowl with a straw now, I would still live for it!

Can you believe all the information that can come from 1 picture?!

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