Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Little Boy

Well . . . he's not so little. But I certainly don't want Evan to look back in our blog books when he is older and notice that I didn't do a 1 year old post on him!! What can I say - he turned one and then people started breaking bones and getting hospitalized and I kinda just put it off!
But here we go . . .
1 year stats: 24.2lbs and 31.5in (2 inches and 4lbs more than Samantha and Marlie, who were almost the same). Size 5 shoe and generally the same size as all of the 2 year olds in our playgroup!

Evan - you are totally walking right now . . . and your favorite thing to do is climb the stairs. We have learned that if we shut the gate at the top, once you get up, you just come right back down since you can't explore the next level!

We are about to take you to Disney World for the first time - and given your love of the big mouse at Chuck E Cheese, I think Mickey better watch out - you are a huge fan!!!

You love whole apples . . . some kids have security blankets or pacifiers, you enjoy carrying a whole apple around with you.  I think it is a tasty version of a teether for you - but lord help someone if they try to take it away!  You even hold it while you swing!

I am currently looking into blackout liners for your curtains - you have decided that 5:30am seems better than 6:30am for a wakeup time, and why not?! I mean, if the sun is out then you have places to go!

Bathroom doors have to be shut around you at all times - not only do you enjoy unrolling whole rolls of toilet paper, but you have also thrown your cars in the toilet a few times. And I can't imagine the horror of the scene if you got ahold of the diaper sprayer.

As you can see in the picture above, you are happiest outdoors and exploring or swinging.  The picture also shows how long your legs are and how ginormous your feet are!!!

Today, right before the pic, you got your 4th haircut!!!!!  That means that since 7 months old you have had a haircut almost every 6 weeks . . . I think sometimes that I should invest in clippers . . . but then I remind myself of Marlie's bangs at 2 years old and I think maybe not . . . oh, and btw, you HATE having your haircut!

You like to scream at me if I don't hold you . . . and it truly drives me crazy . . . but most days I can remember that it won't be long before you are running in the other direction screaming (most likely when you go through a "no pants" phase) . . . so I guess for now I will appreciate that you are coming towards me :)

But mostly . . . I think you are the most handsome little guy in the entire world.  You amaze me every day with the glow that comes from your smile (and your sheer strength!).  This last year has definitely been one of the best . . . thanks for being the final piece to our crazy family puzzle!

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Wiz said...

So glad you got a little boy to complete your family. Evan seems like quite the little handful but such a cute little handful!