Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

Oh the excitement!!
 Writing their names while waiting for the ferry - it's so Mickey would know they were there
 We walked in and immediately went for autographs
 Daisy Duck - their very 1st autograph and character hug
 And then the rain that would continue for the rest of the trip started . . . note the poncho.  The girls were thrilled to ride Aladdin's Magic Carpet though.
 After some time and rain in Adventureland it was time to head over to the castle for their birthday surprise - Princess Makeovers at the BBB - but we had to stop and see Fairy Godmother.  Sam asked where her wand was and she said that Anastasia had taken it.  This royally ticked Sam off and every wand she saw for the rest of the day she said that they needed to give it back to the Fairy Godmother! ha!
 One last pic before they turned to princesses . . .
Their princess makeovers at the boutique seriously require their own post!

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Wiz said...

Colt loved the magic carpet ride too! Looks like a great start to the day (rain or no rain!)