Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 2.5 - Bippidi Boppity Boutique and Dinner

Starting to get their hair done

Getting shoes on by their (and my) Prince Charming
Evan not really caring about all this girly business since he managed to get his pacifier :)
Their first looks after they turned into princesses
 Then it was off to a photo shoot . . . and in case you're wondering, yes, Marlie was Sleeping Beauty, but freedom of choice (and the luck that I was out changing Evan's diaper when she picked her hairstyle) made for black extensions :)


 And after the photo shoot . . . it was time to attend a royal dinner at Cinderella's Castle!

 Photo after dinner
 And we made a quick stop on the way out of the park to see Mickey and Minnie . . .this picture is priceless!!!  Samantha looked at Mickey when some musice started to play and said "May I have this dance?"!!!!

 And that concludes Day 2 . . . it was as exhausting as it was fun! And this is how you pose after the greatest day of your little life :)


Tina. said...

I can only imagine how exhiliratingly dreamy that day was for those girls. I remember wearing a pom-pom as a ponytail to imagine having long hair when I was young. This is like x1000 what that did for me - and it did a lot!

eHawkins said...

I love Sam's Amy Winehouse hair! I also love that Marlie picked black extensions...seriously hilarious and you know they loved every second of it.

I'm going to beat the dead horse again. You're an amazing Momma!

Wiz said...

ITs so funny to see all this. We didnt get to see this side of Disney at all! I am sure we will see it next time with Sula :) Looks like a wonderful day!!