Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 3 - Animal Kingdom

The Animal Kingdom looked like it was going to be an awesome prospect . . . and it was, minus the rain that started 10 minutes after we entered the park!

 The safari alone was worth the trip!  It was so awesome to be able to see the animals so close up.

 Then we went to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe . . . I don't think it ever ceases to amaze me how expensive that place is!  But this drink made it worth the trip :) 

 And we had to pose with the cheetah!
 Um, yea, and that's totally Day 2 of their princess hair!  Sam took out the extensions at least . . . Marlie refused!
 Then the girls dug for some dinosaur bones with Daddy while I sat with Evan napping in the stroller.

 I told Jayson when he was done that people watching in Disney is seriously awesome.  I mean, don't get me wrong, we have our moments . . . but some of the meltdowns I saw happening between moms and dads (and naturally kids) were hysterical.  I would say that we've got it pretty well together . . . it was pure entertainment!!!

This was awesome - Evan was melting down at being in the stroller, but the parade had started - well, if I held Evan, I couldn't hold Sam.  So I let Evan scream for a few minutes and then had to explain to Sam that she was not an only child and I had to put her down.  Jayson wasn't gonna listen to it so he hoisted both girls up . . . did I mention he's been having shoulder issues?  That's just the kind of Dad he is . . . you know, the kind that can't handle listening to whining and will do anything to make it stop even if it includes self inflicting pain?!  ha!  I'm just kidding - he is an awesome Dad!
We also saw the Finding Nemo musical while we were there - it was pretty darn good.  Unfortunately, as we were heading to the Lion King show the sky opened up and began to downpour.  We looked at one tired kid, one soaked kid, and one sleeping kid and decided enough was enough . . . that drink at lunch wasn't going to hold out enough to make this worth it . . . so we called it a day after 8 hours :)


eHawkins said...

You've got an amazing Daddy on your hands! What a sweetie. I also love the girls wearing thier special hair for several days! If you're going to pay for it, at least they got their money's worth!

Wiz said...

We LOVED animal kingdom. The safari was great! It felt like you were really in Africa (not that I would KNOW.) We ate at Rainforest too and I got a drink as well :) It is ridiculously expensive but its still good.