Sunday, June 3, 2012

Disney - Day 0

Seriously - I am in the process of downloading about 500 photos right now.  But I have to start somewhere . . .

So let's start with the day we roadtripped down to Orlando - 736 miles, 14 hours, and 3 kiddos!  Whew!  Everything actually went pretty smoothly . . . that is, after we figured out that Marlie now needs the adult dose of Dramamine . . . and that Evan is following in his sisters' footsteps and has carsick issues!  They totally get this business from Jayson . . . I used to cruise facing backward in the back of our totally awesome Chevy stationwagon - so I had never dealt with carsickness until Marlie. The 2 vomitting issues actually added an hour of time onto the trip that we didn't have coming back (when everyone was properly medicated!).

Anyway - we left @ 4am . . .stopped for breakfast in Chattanooga . . . stopped in Kennesaw for Marlie's vomitting issue . . . stopped in Macon for lunch and Evan's vommitting (thank goodness that there was a Kohl's right off the exit - I packed extra clothes for the kids that were accessible, but forgot to take into account that I might get vommitted on!).  So then we stopped somewhere in Florida and then we arrived at our resort!

All in all - not a bad trip . . . but I forgot to mention that this dude doesn't roadtrip well!

We decided to bite the bullet and let him have his pacifier on vacation (he usually only gets it in his crib).  And it was no issue when we took it away once we got back home - so it was worth it! He relaxed at times . . . and he screamed his head off at other times . . . there is nothing you can do to console a kid that is just pissed to be in the car!

Luckily the girls did great - this was the first time we had used our dvd player in the car (that's right - we made it 1600 miles round trip to MN without one!) - and it wasn't even a big deal - they watched 3 movies each way . . .4.5 hours out of 14 isn't too bad.  But mostly they read, played with princess sets, and drew pictures like this awesome one that Marlie did.
And that was the end of that day . . . and I have reached the end of this day . . . it was a great vacation, but damn, I am tired and I gravely dislike the unpacking process . . .

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Wiz said...

Oh my gosh. I just dont think I am prepared to deal with car sickness. Colt is fine so I will just keep my fingers crossed about the others! I can read in the car so I have no issues with sickness. Sounds like all things considered, it was a great trip down!! Cant wait to read your posts abotu Disney. We took a million pictures too! How much did you love the stroller. I looked into getting one and they are like $550...whomp waaaaa.