Monday, July 30, 2012

A Weekend

We started out our weekend by getting amped for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics on Friday night!  We made medals and had a few events . . . both girls medaled in 3 events :)
Then they snuggled up in their sleeping bags to watch the ceremonies
Unfortunately the entire day Saturday was spent at home having a low key day because, even though it took a few days, Evan's virus finally got me!  Oh the stomach pains!!!!  I woke up at 3am and was pretty sure some internal organ was rupturing . . .

So our 3 kids aren't used to lounging too much around the house with a sick me . . . but I made up for it on Sunday!  We headed out to the park for bike rides at about 7:45am - in theory before it got hot!

Evan enjoyed the swings and getting worn out on the playground by a super sweet teenage girl that was there. 

She enjoyed playing with the kids while her Mom, who was awesome to chat with, walked the track.  I got her number because the girls adored her!  Though with Grandma right around the corner it's hard to justify paying a babysitter - but the girls keep asking when they can invite her over to play.  I'll tell you - she was entering 7th grade and that girl had more respect and people skills than I see out of some adults.  She made eye contact the entire time she spoke with me and her manners were seriously awesome - she is the epitome of everything I would expect in someone I would trust my children with.  Age aside - I am very impressed and I am considering having her come over and play with the kids one day while I work on consignment stuff in the basement.  Because let's face it - she has a cool factor as a teenager that moms and grandmas lack!! And she reminded me of myself at that age - all cpr certified, red cross trained, etc. And naturally, her awesome mom was named Jennifer :)

Then we got out of the heat by heading to Chuck E Cheese.  The girls got gift cards for their birthdays - and I LOVE them.  They are the gift that keeps on giving!  And on a Sunday morning, Chuck E Cheese is a relatively quiet place!
Evan is the only one who I can get to stand still for long enough at the Cheese to take a picture of!  He enjoys just standing at the front and dancing with Chuck E these days.

Then it was off to Old Chicago for a quick lunch and home for naps.  After rest time everyone was refreshed and we headed over to Grandma's pool to give it a try.
Both girls had very impressive days in the pool.  Sam went around the edge of the entire pool with water wings by herself - this is a BIG deal, trust me!!  Unfortunately it didn't end well . . . she was hanging on the side of the pool and scooting herself with her feet and ended up rubbing the pads of every single one of her toes raw - so when she finally stepped out of the pool, blood just started flowing . . . it didn't actually hurt her, until she saw the blood . . . then her life was over for the rest of the day . . . funny, she seems perfectly fine this morning :)

Marlie also had an awesome time at the pool - jumping in with her ring around her in 9 feet like it was her job!!  And then even putting on goggles to go under water . . . you have no idea how completely awesome this is - seriously progressive from where we were at the beginning of summer!  Of course, now the pools are only open for another week since school starts in 9 days! AHH! I can't believe it!! 

I have finished my workout (more on that in 2 weeks when I can give a month's worth of results) and now we are headed out to Wal-Mart at 7:30am.  Remember that reading BINGO I mentioned at the beginning of summer?  Well Samantha finished a blackout on her card yesterday and earned her golden ticket - so we are off to get her $10 Lego set!!  Miss Marlie opted to roll her $10 set into completing a 2nd blackout so she could get a $20 Lego set . . . did I mention she is my daughter??

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eHawkins said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend. I'm so glad you're feeling better!