Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Busy Thursday

Some days different activities just overlap . . . and today was one of those days!  It started bright and early with Marlie's Girl Scout troop having a private fashion show at Children's Place (did I mention that I LOVE her troop leader?!?!).  The girls each got to pick out an outfit and accessorize it up!
I will say that I love Children's Place for basic things - turtlenecks, tights, socks, etc.  However, the rest of the store is always a little bright for me.  I was interested to see what Marlie would pick completely on her own . . . so I made sure I was in the back doing a bathroom break with Evan when she went looking.  In a store full of sequins, neons, and leopard prints, left to her own devices, my sweet girl picked this . . .
 Do you freaking love it?!?!?!?!?!  She picked a ruffly, flowered dress with a little boho belt on it!!!  OMG - I was so proud!!!  Yes they are just clothes, and if she had picked some craziness, I would've still told her she looked beautiful . . . but I was just happy!  She did pair it with some sparkly ballet flats and a bracelet . . . and then grabbed a suede purse . . . and if this next pic doesn't put fear in her Father's heart, I don't know what will . . . because all I see is that pose with 10 years added on it and I want to run and hide . . . I'm scared . . .
And this is her troop . . . there were definitely a lot of sequins and leopard prints . . . but they all looked adorable in the end :) (and the girl on the other end, Anniston, also picked the same dress as Marlie!).
So after they earned their fashion patches we headed over to Kroger with about 2 minutes to spare for our MOMS Club grocery store tour! Marlie was in school last year when we did this, so she was so excited to go this time . . . and they did a great job showing us the store.
Evan snagged a banana in the produce department (they handed them out) so he was happy in the car for a while. 
 Don't let the pic fool you - Marlie might be the one standing up, but Sam is the one that reached out to touch the lobster and then declared "it was gross and I will not do that again!".
Then the girls slapped on some hairnets so they could head into the bakery and get cookies . . . and they made sure to bring back Evan a cookie and a ring . . . so he was happy for another 10 minutes (shortly after he had his fill of all activities - the fashion show and grocery store tour were just not his scene!).
And then we came home for naptime . . . whew . . . .

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eHawkins said...

LOVE Marlie's outfit! She looked the cutest of the whole group, including the girl that picked the same dress because Marlie's accessories were better. I love the shoes with it too!

The grocery store tour is such a great idea! I think Stella's daycare does that too. They better, I pay them enough! Ha!